Ready for the worst case, we guarantee the business continuity

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure their data security

Natural calamities as well as cyber-crime have contributed to illustrating the vulnerability of an increasingly IT-systems-based supply chain in the recent past. The Italian enterprise Nova Systems, which is headquartered in Verona, has further re-fined its data security systems by entering into agreements with organisations that specialize in business continuity and dis-aster recovery solutions. It has simultaneously invested in the field by becoming one of the first IT companies in Italy to attain ISO / IEC 27001 certification for information security management.

Guaranteeing business continuity
It is not only earthquakes, floods, tornadoes or volcanic eruptions that may cause havoc in an IT system; the human factor as well as technological faults (which may cause fires, explosions or power outages) can also easily result in damaging data loss. And last but not least there are also other events, such as the unexpected bankruptcy of a software company, that need to be taken into account too. Nova Systems chief executive officer Valerio Avesani reveals how enterprises can protect themselves against such incidents. “In the event of a disaster, operational continuity is guaranteed through a cloud data centre. Cloud solutions have to be highly professional, however. At Nova System we provide the latest innovations through our own solution, called ‘BeOne’, with which we can ensure that our clients can rely completely on their information services.” Avesani adds that “our cloud data centre is located around 160 km from our headquarters in Verona. Should a disaster occur in Verona our clients can rest easy, as their data is securely stored in another location, thus ensuring continuity of their services.”

Investing in the future.

Before adopting the latest disaster recovery technologies, Nova Systems in-vested a lot of resources over the years in perfecting its high-security systems. Today the firm guarantees continuity of service thanks to the virtual and physical protection of the information handled by its server farm. The latter is situated in a building that has been constructed on a floating base, with REI 120 fire walls, in accordance with earthquake-resistance criteria. Avesani explains that “the server farm is monitored 24 / 7 / 365, with a physical presence on the premises as well as remote monitoring by volumetric sensors. The centre is protected by burglar-proof locks, which are activated automatically by magnetic sen-sors.” The technology deployed thus makes sure the systems are protected from on-site as well as distance-based interference. To make it impossible for unauthorised parties to gain entry to the building, access is secured by fingerprint identification, with constant user registration. “On top of this,” Avesani concluded, “the facility operates an internal video surveillance system.”



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