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“Narrated by the words of Aldo Fontana, Partner and Director & Pricing Manager of RifLine and Roberto Calvarese, Chief Operating Officer of sister company CSI Logistics, the activities that daily take place at the logistics hub of Pomezia – 22,000 sqm of covered area divided into nine distinct operational modules, complete with a 40,000 sqm large yard for handling and processing of containers – seem simple at first glance. But a simplicity, we will discover in the course of the interview, that it is the result of “supreme sophistication”, to quote the genius as Leonardo’s genius put it. The Pomezia hub is the focal point for the logistics flows of Rif Line’s customers: GDO primary operators or retailers active in different sectors – from electronics to small household appliances, from furniture to fashion, beverages and other industries both established or acquired. In most cases, flows involve supplying the Middle and Far East markets (from Turkey to China), customs clearance and stock of imported goods at the Lazio warehouse and, from there, distribution to sales outlets in Italy and Europe or, where applicable, also through the eCommerce channel, directly to the end customer. “Rif Line is an Italian company active in the field of international logistics – explains Aldo Fontana – present in 52 countries world, with direct offices in Italy, as well as in Turkey, China, Japan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and representative offices in 52 countries. We are specialized in the handling of containerized FCL and LCL goods, large installations and Break-bulk, offering Door to Door and Port to Port services and Groupage (LCL Cargo) by sea. We are key customers of major airlines and this allows us to achieve to obtain excellent rates and great flexibility in the choice of carriers. Besides, we are can offer consolidation services from all over the world and in particular from the Far East, with customized services to Italy, secured with the first useful scheduled and charter flights. From checking goods at origin through collection transport, booking and boarding; from customs clearance and delivery up to storage services in Italy and abroad, we are able to offer customized management of all phases of the operational process.

The logistics arm
In this context, CSI Logistics is the Group’s ‘logistics arm’, a company charged with the management of third-party goods. Initially focused on activities related to the container terminal at the service of the Port of Civitavecchia and therefore specialized in offering customs and road transport services, today the company presents itself as a complete logistics operator. 

“We are able to handle all types of goods, including oversized references, dangerous substances or perishable goods, and we have developed over time specific skills in the furniture, fashion, high tech and healthcare”, explains Fontana, who adds: “the starting point is always the customer. By listening to their specific needs, we study and propose the most practical and rapid solutions constantly guaranteeing commercial, customs and insurance assistance”. For this purpose, the Pomezia hub has an internal customs point and is a tax and VAT suspension warehouse. Equipped with 24 telescopic loading ramps for the front-loading of containers, in addition to “classic” warehousing activities, the warehouse also handles air pallets (staff are trained in ENAC regulations and procedures) and customized machine palletization, packaging/labelling, customized crate and cage packaging services and load lashing cargo.  In the large service area, there are also two reach stackers for handling around 500 full and empty containers. Since its opening in 2010, the logistics centre has undergone a constant process of transformation, becoming a strategic asset for the Group”, emphasizes Roberto Calvarese. In the last two years in particular, development has been driven by the growth of the fashion business. RifLine and CSI are partners of several menswear brands – including Dan John, Doppleganger, Kruder, Sirmoney – managing their entire supply chain from sourcing suppliers in Europe and Orient, to delivery points of sale in Italy or abroad, including the management of returns. Today, more or less 70% of the handled in Pomezia, concerns this sector – “about 500 orders processed every day for 50,000 pieces handled,” specifies Calvarese – while the remaining 30% is dedicated to groupage of goods in the beverage, small household, air conditioners, power tools, high-tech and furniture sectors distributed to GDO networks for likes of Zephir Group, Seleco, Galileo, Telefunken, Wonderland. In this case too, the Group integrates the warehousing service, specific competencies in import, customs clearance and transport. 

Rifline Italia has choosen BeOne


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