The Nova Systems Cloud ensures business continuity

business continuity logistica efficiente

A project in favour of Business Continuity: What we are experiencing is an emergency situation, which calls on each of us to have a great sense of responsibility. Nova Systems intends to do its part by facilitating and supporting the activities of companies in the logistics and international forwarding sector. 

From the very beginning, we took up the call of the institutions. As a precautionary measure, we chose to protect our staff, customers and partners from the outset by applying smart working. A safety measure that did not affect the quality of the service offered and that allowed us to put people’s health before everything else, in line with government regulations. 

Today we feel a strong duty to deploy our services to help reduce the social and economic impact of the Coronavirus emergency on companies and their staff. The Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister’s Decree called DPCM) of 11 March established the continuity of the work of logistics and forwarding operators. 

Yours is an important and strategic role for the Italian economic system. We at Nova Systems want to make our contribution by supporting you in the simple adoption of smart working and helping you to safeguard the safety of your collaborators. 

Business Continuity, always ensured by Nova Systems, allows us to guarantee you the business continuity. A concrete support to free up your company’s energy in this difficult environment, thanks to the power of the Cloud and digital, which supports you in your daily work and minimises interruptions. 

Servizi Cloud Continuità Aziendale Nova Systems



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