Twins fot two modes of transport


Nova System s’ «BeOne» transport solution promises that «no one knows you better than your twin soul.» Nova Systems CEO Valerio Avesani told the IT/ that our concept is more than just a simple software pro­gramme.» He said the transport solution adapts per­fectly to company needs like a twin soul, guiding business and becoming an integrai part of the operations of shipping, customs, overland shipments, logistics or air cargo companies. The services are provide under cloud management, «with maximum security and full 24/7/365 assistance as Nova Systems underlined. «Our product is a twin soul because it integrates business – deep down. It has significant potential and can be scaled, regardless of company size.

It can thus meet the needs of every one of our cus­tomers,» Avesani explained. «BeOne» services are divided into macro-modules, each of which satisfies a specific functionality -the cloud service and the software far shipping manage­ment (transport management system), which includes the management system for air shipment (exports and imports) maritime shipping (exports, imports, national and NVOCC); and overland shipping (ex-port and import groupage, national and full Loads). Furthermore, it also offers software modules for com­mon business appli cations, in terms of customer relations management, business intelligence, communications and a col­laboration platform.

Nova Systems’ development centre is cur­rently in the process of creating a module called BeOne Sea Sync», which is being designed especially with sea freight users in mind. «It automatically accesses mari­time fees, additional charges, and com­pensation rates -directly from customers’ databases,» Avesani explains, «thus elimi­nating the need for manual updates, which represent a frequent source of errors.» Tt will thus be possible for fi rms to easi­ly obtain automatic updates of offers from mari time enterprises, a fact which will pro­vide users with a dear competitive advan­tage, as Nova Systems’ air freight module “BeOne Air Sync” has already been doing for a few months now.


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