BeOne, Gallozzi Group’s compass in the sea of digitalization


Companies in the maritime industry sail the sea of digitalization. To better navigate an ever-developing market characterized by rapidly changing innovations and technologies, the Gallozzi Group – a corporation made up of eight companies with headquarters in Salerno, Italy, from where sales and logistics offices located abroad are coordinated – has chosen Nova Systems’ BeOne solution.

Thanks to BeOne we get greater control and high reliability of data. Through Business Intelligence we also have an important and strategic support in decision-making processes

says Enrico Gallozzi, administrator of Gallozzi Group.  

Yours is a historic company that has strong roots in the local area and at the same time is future-oriented. How do you combine these two aspects?

Every strategic choice goes through a careful consideration of the impact on society and the surrounding environment. We are continually looking for new organizational and technological solutions to simplify processes and thus facilitate the most automated management of information as possible. Logistics activities are subject to incessant monitoring carried out by control departments, through devices and software that provide data in real time and detect discrepancies from forecast elements. In this sense, BeOne was indispensable: thanks to the software solution, indeed, we could set up a template of operational processes, to break down all kinds of frontiers. Today we would be able to open a new company or branch wherever we needed or wanted to, with ERP able to support us in everything.

gruppo gallozzi beone nova systems

The Gallozzi Group offers comprehensive support to clients in every sector of the maritime economy.
We are active on several fronts. As a shipping agency we provide maritime recommendation service to liner container ships, highways of the sea, passenger ships, mega yachts and tramp ships, while as an international freight forwarder we support import and export companies wish to reach international markets as efficiently as possible. We also offer container and project cargo handling services and perform third-party transportation, including ADR cargo, both dry and reefer containers. We provide warehousing, unloading and/or loading services for containers and perform assembly, packing and labeling operations. We have also been managing the “Marina d’Arechi” Tourist Port for 10 years now.

What activities do you manage with BeOne’s Shipping Agency module?
With BeOne, we have optimized the entire workflow, with the management of procedures related to the loading and unloading of containers of agency vessels. We can achieve the issuance of policies, freight accounts and all the manifests required according to the company’s operations. The software allows us to analyze costs and revenues by individual ship-voy and company, dossier, policy and expense management and collections against disbursement account management. We are also able to manage truck placements of both empty and full containers, with the issuance of related documentation.

What benefits have you noticed from using these features?
One of the most significant advantages of the Shipping Agency module comes from the ability to obtain a true snapshot of the status of Open and/or Closed Ship-Voy, and the containers included in them. This visualization makes it possible to plan what is being loaded on the agency ships and clearly and effectively depicts the status of containers at loading and those not yet picked up from the terminal for placement. With BeOne we monitor the status of cargoes as the ship-voy closes, and have the ability to perform rapid control of the documentary and economic aspects of shipments/vessels, with the possibility of cumulative billing at ship departure, control of cost and revenue rates, and much more. All this has made a real improvement in management dynamics, with further simplification in transshipment management as well.

Through BeOne’s Nova EDI you can interchange data with terminals, agents, companies. How does it improve your operability?

EDI flows are of fundamental importance in the management of agency activity on behalf of shipping companies, because they solve the ever-increasing need for information from the various players involved. A further application of EDIs relates to the management of shipments in common between different branches: it is possible, for example, to enter a shipment or dossier in Shipping Agency Export and send it, complete with all the information, to another branch for its management in import without duplicating data entry activity.

With BeOne, the customs bill also can interface directly with the shipping agency file.

Thanks to the solution, we can pre-fill customs bills of lading and disembarkation, directly using the information contained in Shipping Agency files. Thus we have greater control and high reliability of data. At any time it is possible to know the origin of a dossier and how the workflow developed. Within each shipment in the references tab there is the possibility of obtaining the customs documents issued, immediately and without the need for out-of-system forwarding.

Business intelligence enables complete analysis of all activities. How much does it affect business growth?

Through Nova Systems’ Business Intelligence we identify trends and seasonal patterns in traffic, with a focus on commodities and volumes, but also on related economic and financial dynamics. All this supports faster decision making, despite the increasing complexity of big data. We are thus able to define dynamic and reliable budgets and forecasts, adjusting planning to market stresses. All of this is crucial for a company like ours, which is oriented toward business growth.

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