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Experience and innovation. Two fundamental ingredients for a company that proves to have solid roots, but with an eye always projected into the future. Brigl, a company specializing in the world of freight transport, is moving, step by step, towards a historic milestone: one hundred years in business. With a common denominator: “To be always visionary and precursor”, says Andreas Goggi, Managing Director of Brigl. An aspiration that has found in Nova Systems’ software solution the ideal partner. Goggi is the face of the company, but he also closely embodies the needs and expectations of everyone in the transportation industry.   

Brigl has been able to optimize its workflow thanks to the use of BeOne management software, created by the Nova Systems Research and Development Center to facilitate the daily activities of users. A new organizational model created to optimize internal resources and energies.

“Thanks to Nova Systems’ consultancy we have optimized processes and chosen a workflow, which gives us the possibility to manage all activities with a unique software. In this way, we are able to improve performance and promote business growth”

Brigl SpA is a company founded in 1925 and has a very long experience in the field. With what spirit are you approaching the historic milestone of one hundred years of activity?
For us it is not just a goal, but part of a journey towards new challenges, new goals. The spirit with which we approach is the one that has always distinguished us: to be visionaries, precursors, always curious and open to novelties, with the constant aim of being an active part in the creation of the future and with the awareness of having a great tradition behind us. 

Continued growth for a historic company. What are the main services you offer? 
In addition to our classic national and international transport services, we offer integrated logistics services, air and sea freight forwarding, customs operations and consulting. 

Organizing a transport requires quick and precise choices. Trucks loaded with goods, together with large amounts of data are always leaving Bolzano. How has your work changed in the last few years?   
The activity has required radical changes over the years, the implementation of digital solutions and the continuous training of our employees. Not only have the quantities of goods transported increased, but also the quantity and quality of the data produced to carry out our activities have undergone a huge increase. A growth that can only be managed thanks to an advanced software. The ability to handle in the best possible way the large amount of data we process and exchange with customers and partners at various levels is more fundamental than ever to be able to impose ourselves in our market. 

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What role does Nova Systems’ BeOne software solution play in all of this for you? 
BeOne is a vital resource for us. The real heart of a strategic and innovative system, able to adapt quickly to the needs and developments of the market. Moreover, it is an intuitive and easy to use management system. 

What was your starting point for choosing BeOne software?  
We already had an excellent experience with the historical Nova Systems product, the STS management software. BeOne seemed tu us a logical choice, the most natural evolution. In fact, we were starting from a well-established base and the Nova Systems Research & Development Center has proven to be able to innovate, meet new needs and collect our suggestions, turning them into reality. 

How important is it to optimize workflows and processes specific to the world of transportation, easily integrating the commercial side of the business, from spot offers creation to invoicing and management control? 
The optimization and integration of the different processes, as well as the creation of simple and effective workflows are not only important, but also fundamental in order to be able to improve performance, foster business growth and make efficient use of resources. 

What advantages and benefits do you expect from BeOne’s new FTL module?  
From the FTL software we find a concrete help and support to the operators, an all-round management of the full-truck-load transports, able to intervene not only on the documental aspects, but also in the decision-making processes, which integrates perfectly with the back-office, thus contributing to a performance efficiency and a cost reduction. 

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In the context of quality certification, what functions can the FTL product use to support you in choosing the most suitable carrier? 
For example, the Suppliers Ranking function, which is automatically able to collect and keep up-to-date all data related to carriers, can support us in choosing the most suitable supplier in terms of quality and cost of service. 

The software supports the operator in decision making. Do you expect this to affect the ability to effectively optimize the trips that are made by the vehicle as well?  
Definitely. The information on which a good dispatcher works for the organization of the journeys is increasing. It is expected that a software can not only collect, but also process quickly and accurately all this information and support the work of the users. 

In the world of transport there is more and more talk about intermodality. An area that can be easily managed through the BeOne FTL module. What is your point of view on this strategic theme for the future of the sector?  
The intermodal sector is a well-established reality in continuous development. The ability of the different logistics sectors to work together and no longer in competition will lead to greater efficiency and sustainability of transport. The entire sector will benefit from this. 

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