“Change as a new opportunity”, the story of Carlo Mangiarini (Air Sea Service)

mangiarini air sea service

Can changing software be the prerequisite to reach new business opportunities? According to Carlo Mangiarini, CEO of Air Sea Service, a company that has been operating in Brescia since 1984, specializing in air and maritime transport, “we live in a globalized world, which requires companies in our industry to be up to date and increasingly competitive on the market. We cannot think of remaining tied to the habits and customs of twenty years ago”. Air Sea Service has recently adopted the BeOne software of Nova Systems, the latest frontier of innovation in the world of international shipping, transport, customs and logistics. “When we chose to change software the internal flows were obsolete compared to the market, we also lived a business growth situation, but we were still muddled on the procedures and this wasted our time ” . 

According to Carlo Mangiarini, “the benefit of changing software is not immediate. But then the curve rises quickly after the migration and the situation improves day by day. When management is changed, the winning aspect is not to stop there, not to chase technological innovation. Nova Systems creates a real partnership that allows us to grow together”. 

The CEO of Air Sea Service adds:

“Having a software that optimizes procedures, minimizing business efforts becomes strategic to continue to be always a step ahead”. 

air sea service

The migration project has a very precise strategy: “We must first define the objectives, identify the key resources and verify availability, and then assign the priorities of the project. It is essential to manage the monitoring of progress, working on communication and internal involvement of the people involved”. Mangiarini concludes: “A relevant aspect also concerns training, guaranteed by Nova Systems. After completing migration in the best possible way, we are now in the phase of awareness. We are able to benefit from the advantages of the BeOne solution. The benefits we will have even more when we know how to make the most of every functionality of the management”.  


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