Customs brokers, Andreetto:”The BeOne software projects us into the future”

Customs brokers Andreetto BeOne software

Andreetto & Zanon and Nova Systems, two company stories closely linked to each other. It was 1981 when the two companies were established and the technological partnership began. “Today, as then, the common will to innovate the customs sector has remained unchanged, with an eye always turned to the future, and to adopt solutions and workflows able to optimize the activity of customs brokers”. Michele Andreetto, Customs Product Manager, and his brother Franco are the partners of Andreetto & Zanon, a company based in Verona where the human factor and innovation travel in parallel.

What do you deal with?

We offer solutions and consultancy in the field of international transport import and export, with particular regard to the fine arts sector, and customs operations. We are to all intents and purposes considered a single point of contact for all customs requirements. With us, companies are finally free to concentrate on their business, and we take care of the rest.

How has your work changed in recent years?  

Taking a step back from the latest events related first to Covid and now to the conflict in Ukraine, which is disrupting the transport sector, our business has evolved from customs and road transport management. We have become full-fledged consultants, from tax to customs operations, and have entered the world of fine arts, where trust is everything. This has led us to further improve the quality of our service.

How are you coping with the evolution of the market?

Today we are adapting to the restrictions and consequences of the changed economic and political conditions at international level, which have a significant impact on our business. In this perspective there has been a continuous adjustment of the technological infrastructure of the company, with the aim of optimizing the workflow, through the collaboration with Nova Systems and the support of an IT infrastructure adapted to our needs.

The two companies were born in the same year. Since then, the relationship of trust has grown stronger and stronger.

It has been a mutual growth, as with the computerization of customs. For a long time, files were submitted in paper form. The advent of technological innovations has been a revolution for the industry.

What role does Nova Systems’ BeOne software solution play for you?

A very fruitful relationship has been created with the Nova Systems Research & Development Center, which listens to our requests in order to develop new functionalities able to support us. A technological partner that is attentive to the innovations in customs, invoicing, document sharing, electronic archiving and the personalization of applications based on our precise indications and analysis. Each regulatory obligation can thus become an opportunity to grow and streamline internal procedures, stimulating us to do so in the best possible way.

How do you manage to optimize your workflow with BeOne?

For example, we had processes that were slowing down due to lack of information sharing by individual employees. With Nova Systems’ tools, the entire cycle has been optimized internally. In addition, we make great use of the receipt of EDI files from customers to subsequently make customs declarations. In this way we avoid having to enter data manually each time and are able to minimize errors.

What advantages and benefits do you see?

Our collaborators use a platform that is constantly being updated, so that they always have the latest technologies introduced by customs at their disposal. The fact that BeOne is supported by a unique database is also a significant advantage. We also find it important that Nova Systems has expanded its offerings to include marketing services to give companies like ours the opportunity to make themselves known through the right communication channels in the right way. Nova Systems’ MkT Communications speaks the same language as we do, and this is essential for us.

What about using BeOne?

The insertion of customs documents will be quicker and faster thanks to a completely redesigned user interface. Enhanced integration with the customs telematics system is foreseen, which will allow the consultation of the response messages by the customs telematics system in a fast way. BeOne’s customs module will also ensure greater data accuracy in the sending of customs bills of lading. The new BeOne customs module integrates all the tables required by the customs regulations and therefore the insertion of the customs bill is greatly simplified.

What’s the latest in the customs industry and how is it affecting your work?

Customs will open up for customs clearance through the declarant’s own records, in order to carry out customs formalities. Another customs development in the making is centralized clearance: the operator will turn to his own officials to exchange information, while the goods may be located at another point, in another customs. Officials will communicate with each other, companies will have a single point of contact. This is very important for the whole chain, but especially for the companies and for us consultants. Also here it will be fundamental to the IT support and the collaboration with Nova Systems, which I’m sure will never lack, as it has been until today.

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