De Zolt, Central Cargo: “Data analytics at the heart of success. Nova Systems propels us into the future.”


“Data analysis is the key of success.” Andrea De Zolt is the Managing Director of Central Cargo, an ever-growing company specializing in international air, sea, land and rail freight forwarding, customs services and logistics, with headquarters in Prato and branches all around Italy. “We are projected into the future. Knowing in depth the company’s performance allows us to make strategic decisions”, says De Zolt, who considers a turning point the collaboration with Nova Systems and the use of BeOne software: “Having a profitable relationship with your technological partner is crucial”.

What services do you offer?

We deal with shipments, transports and international services in the world. At the base of everything is the love for our work, which leads us to focus on quality and customization of our service. We take care of every detail and thanks to our flexibility we are able to organize Import & Export shipments by sea, air, land and train, even through combined solutions. Yours is a company well rooted in Italy and at the same time committed to develop the foreign market. The company was born almost 11 years ago from professionals who have been working in the field for over 30 years. We have experienced a steady growth: we have about 60 employees, between Italy and foreign countries, compared to the initial 4 people. In 2013 we started the first branch in Jesi, then wheel Carpi, at the airport in Malpensa, in Perugia, Dolo, Livorno and Melzo, in the province of Milan. In 2021 we opened a logistics facility in Mantua and activated our presence in Naples.

A growth that has pushed you as far as the United States.

Last year we set up Central Cargo North America, with headquarters in Seattle and the first branch in Dallas. We plan to open other facilities in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh, and later in Turkey. The will is to grow further in Italy and we are working to expand our spaces dedicated to logistics, to be closer to our customers. Nova Systems is supporting us in this.

In such a lively and developing business context what role does BeOne software play for you?

As the company has grown, we have matured the necessity to have a more performing management software. When I met Nova Systems I found people who thought like us, with a system that was similar to our mentality. This made us choose BeOne.

What do you think about Nova Systems’ workflow, created to optimize internal resources and energies?

The BeOne solution is flexible and fully integrated, with extraordinary potential. In a few clicks we manage all the operations, guaranteeing flexibility and rapidity of intervention. With BeOne we manage the entire workflow, from procurement to policy issuance, up to invoicing and accounting.

What advantages and benefits do you see from BeOne’s Air and Sea TMS?

The system is intuitive. Once bids are accepted by the customer they become the first event in the flow and automatically generate the shipment, which is passed to the operations department for the next event. Offers can be made available via web, via email, via auto-quote from the “Collaboration Platform” web portal. BeOne is able to generate air and/or maritime policies in line with international standards, both in paper and digital format, and transmits them electronically to the carrier.

Business intelligence allows a complete analysis of all activities related to shipping. How much does it affect your business management?

Thanks to BeOne Analytics, we can strategically analyze all business processes. The system allows us to examine performance, giving us the possibility to obtain a detailed overview of the performance of the company and the individual branches. This is the secret to better planning the future of the company.

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