formaro spedizioni e BeOne Nova Systems

Formaro: “Customs innovations opportunity for development”

The historic society from Pordenone has adopted the solution in Cloud BeOne from Nova Systems
Customs innovations in Formaro company

A historic company with a strong innovative vocation. Formaro Spedizioni Srl founded its roots in Pordenone in 1985, in the heart of the productive northeast. Since then they have made personalized solutions their belief, always using the latest technologies on the market. “We were among the first, in 1998, to adopt Nova Systems’ Cloud solutions. A choice which has proven to be successful”, explains Alessandro Formaro, CEO of Formaro Spedizioni Srl.

Tailor-made solutions are your prerogative. What are the services reserved for your customers?

Creating tailor-made solutions in the world of logistics and international shipping is increasingly important. For us it is almost natural because having a customs extraction and therefore resolving very different day-to-day problems we are used to being flexible in the various modes of transport. Over the years we have developed road, sea and air shipments services and have become IATA agents. We began the activity of storing domestic and foreign goods also with the introduction of “Customs and tax warehouses”. With our customers we start with the analysis of the commercial objectives and together we undertake a strategic path made up of studying, comparing and verifying, which leads to the identification of the best transport solutions. In addition to the already numerous authorizations through which our company benefits in carrying out its activities, this year we obtained the AEOF certification which represents a further guarantee of professionalism and good work.

One of the main sectors in which you operate is the customs one, which has recently been at the center of a regulatory revolution. What did it do for you?

It was certainly an opportunity for development and allowed us to strengthen our company. We offer outsourced services to manage all customs activities, both import and export. With the recent innovations, we no longer talk about paper, but about IT flows. Among the new features introduced is the electronic dossier, which allows you to store documents relating to customs stamps in digital format. Nova Systems, of which we are customers, is developing the possibility to query the single customs window directly from the BeOne customs software, to further speed up operational activities.

You are among the historic customers of Nova Systems…

The company in 1998 was among the very first to introduce the Cloud in Italy. We were already their customers and we immediately adopted this new technology, which allowed us to significantly reduce the initial costs related to IT infrastructures. Today, thanks to the BeOne logistics solution, we are able to manage all company processes, also thanks to a constant updating of the application platform. With this in mind, we consider ourselves more a partner than a customer: in fact, we make our know-how available to Nova Systems, particularly in the customs sector.

For a complete company like Formaro Spedizioni, how much effect does the use of an integrated solution have?

We operate using all BeOne modules. The fact that it is a totally integrated solution is a major advantage. The customs module is interfaced with the rest of the Suite, which also includes TMS, WMS and Accounting. Furthermore, Business Intelligence has become an essential tool for company strategy, as is CRM, which is becoming increasingly important for retaining customers, while simultaneously acquiring new market shares.

Date: 21-02-2018

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