From CRM to Business Intelligence. This is how EuroBridge grows thanks to BeOne

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Malta is a rapidly and constantly developing economic reality, in which our company is growing at the same time. In order to face these changes and seize the opportunities that arise, we need to make the most of the new technologies available on the market.

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David Abela, Presidente di EuroBridge

David Abela is director of EuroBridge, a Maltese company specialising in international freight forwarding, customs and logistics, which has chosen the BeOne solution by Nova Systems to optimize the workflow of its different departments. “From CRM to Business Intelligence, EuroBridge has found in BeOne the ideal tools to boost business growth”. 

 EuroBridge has established itself as a leading forwarding company in Malta. What services do you offer to your customers?
EuroBridge was established in 1995 following a collaboration with Castelletti Spa, a historic Italian company in the freight forwarding sector. Over the years we have evolved significantly, which has led us today to offer groupage and FTL services to and from all over Europe, thanks to a very capillary international network. We also deal with customs, air freight and logistics services, with a warehouse of over 5 thousand square metres in Malta, a country where the economy is strongly developing and this also pulls import and export activities. 

In this context, what are the future prospects for EuroBridge?
It is a phase characterized by major investments. We will soon move our headquarters to a new property and will have more than 600 square metres of office space, to which another 1200 square metres of warehouse space will be added. We are confident that these choices will give a further boost to the company’s growth. 

 Companies in your sector are facing a phase characterized by corporate digitization. How are you handling this major challenge?
We are focusing a lot on new technologies. Thanks to our cooperation with Nova Systems, we experience this phase not as a challenge, but as an opportunity, which first enabled us to become a paperless company. We also collaborate with other forwarders who use the BeOne software solution by Nova Systems, and this pushed our company to choose the same management system, with the aim of optimizing the company’s workflow.  

What advantages do you see from using BeOne?
The processes we generate are clear and very straightforward. In addition to the timely management of all operational activities, BeOne allows us to make strategic decisions for the company’s future through Business Intelligence. In addition, the use of EDI represents a breakthrough because it allows us to optimize our work, making communications more effective and faster. This also results in better management of our resources. 


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For a growing company like EuroBridge, how crucial is it to plan a strategy aimed at customer loyalty? From this point of view do you find the use of BeOne CRM useful?
We listen to our customers’ needs in order to always create something unique. With the CRM of BeOne, we are able to have everything under control, starting with tariff management and ending with the collection of customer information, through communication channels, with the aim of building customer loyalty and then gaining new market shares. The CRM is a fundamental tool for an expanding and future-oriented company. 

 The awaited release of BeOne 5.0 also features the new BeOne Geocoding functionality, born from the integration of BeOne with the Google Platform. How important is it for you to be able to count on a constantly evolving and up-to-date solution?
It is essential for us. There is constant dialogue between us and Nova Systems to bring the application platform in line with our needs. BeOne is a living software, constantly evolving. Our industry is continuously changing so working with a solution that is ahead of its time is an important advantage. 

 Also within the BeOne 5.0 global solution, the Qlik Sense platform was adopted for the development of Business Intelligence. 
For a business entity like Malta, we have to be in a position to offer a very wide range of services and it is not always easy to optimize resources. With just a few clicks, the Business Intelligence of BeOne gives you all the strategic information you need, based on your objectives. Processing this data is an important key to the development and growth of our company. 

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