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Transtir: “Innovation is impossible without real time data analysis”

Thanks to the Cloud, flexibility and efficiency are just a click away


Reconciling the DNA of a company historically rooted in a territory with the innovation demanded by a market undergoing continuous evolution. This was the challenge facing Livio Selva who, in August 2015, acquired Transtir Srl, an international shipping company based in Carpi, of which he is now chairman. Since then, Selva has forged ahead, adding two more targets to his reorganisation plan in quick succession: the take-over of the F.lli Meoni transport firm in Prato and the opening of a new branch in Milan. “Three bases located in the some of the main production areas of Italy where we are working with more than 60 professionals in the field,” said Transtir’s chairman. “A year of strong growth is behind us. Now we are focusing on gaining a widespread presence on national territory, but not only that. Thanks to an extensive network of correspondents, we are becoming established in the market at the European level.”

Transtir has adopted Nova Systems’ BeOne solution

In following the path of reorganisation and digitisation of the corporate processes, Selva found a strategic partner in Nova Systems, an Information & Communication Technology company with offices in Verona, Florence-Prato, Milan, Barcelona and Paris. Transtir Srl decided to use Nova Systems’ BeOne in-Cloud solution to manage the services offered to its clients: shipments via land, sea and air, import/export, national transport. Transtir also has covered warehouses offering deposit, storage and logistics services.

“Our services are delivered in the standard way through traditional transport, with multiple weekly departures or in fast mode, which involves daily departures with guaranteed performance, indispensable for the management of the flows of critical or strategic goods. The result is a global and local service that can respond with reactivity and flexibility to rapid changes in the production needs of companies, offering avant-garde logistics and transport solutions,” added Selva.

The advantages of the Cloud

Cloud Computing, along with Open Data and the Internet of Things, is one of the guiding principles on which Industry 4.0 is based, which is generating great changes in the world of international shipping, transport, customs and logistics.

 “I started to adopt the Cloud twenty or so years ago and I still remain convinced today that it is the most suitable technology in order to guarantee the flexibility required by our sector,” explained Selva. “The Cloud enables the initial costs for the IT infrastructure to be significantly reduced, including the acquisition of the server farm, the operating systems and their installation and maintenance. The lowering of the costs is also due to the absence of the need to buy software applications.” Payment for the services and application programmes in the Cloud is done by the pay-per-use method. “The costs are variable, depending on the development and size of the company. We only pay on the basis of the actual use of the BeOne solution: this method means greater flexibility, with the option of easy and swift adjustment of the contractual conditions depending on whether requirements are greater or lesser. This turned out to be an advantage at the time of the acquisition of the company F.lli Meoni and the opening of the branch in Milan.”

This is confirmed by the CEO of Nova Systems, Valerio Avesani, according to whom, with regard to in-house applications, “it only takes a few days to become operational with in-Cloud solutions. All that’s required is the time to install the software and enable the users and they can immediately start to use the software. What’s more, the systemic activities required for the proper functioning of the service and all the updates are always in step with the most recent technological innovations on the market. The updates are implemented when the company is not operational, so without any interruption to the business.”

The use of BeOne software for logistics

A strongpoint of Nova Systems’ BeOne logistics solution is the total integration between the different modules that make up the Suite. “Working with a perfectly integrated system enables a new service to be acquired, such as happened recently to us with the WMS warehouse inventory management software, and to have the digital tool available immediately. Since it is integrated, the software can use the data already in the records.”

Among the Suite’s function, Livio Selva regards BeOne Analytics as particularly strategic. This is the module that analyses the phenomena, the causes of problems and the performance achieved in order to assess the progress of the company, the branches and the traffic: “No development is possible unless there is perfect control of the profitability of the clientele in relation to the services delivered,“ said the chairman of Transtir. “Thanks to Business Intelligence, the data collected are appropriately processed and then used to give concrete support – on the basis of the previous and current data – to the decisions of those who occupy managerial positions, making it possible to understand the trend in the company’s performance, generate provisional estimates and to imagine future scenarios and future strategies in response.” The information can be published with different levels of detail and hierarchies for any other corporate department: marketing, commercial, financial, personnel and more besides.

Data: 07-05-2018

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