International freight forwarding, Bianchi Group and Moldtrans: “BeOne software at the heart of our partnership” 

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Networking among freight forwarders is an essential condition for being competitive in a fast-changing international market where customers have increasingly special needs. In this context, the use of innovative technological solutions helps foster synergy between companies, under the banner of business growth.  This is the case for the Italian Bianchi Group, an international transport company based in Casnate con Bernate (Como), and the Spanish Moldtrans, two territorial leaders in supply chain management, who chose Nova Systems’ BeOne software solution to manage their international, overland import-export freight forwarding, but not only, thereby optimising their workflow. “BeOne is at the heart of our partnership in order to ensure punctuality, safety and accuracy for the end customer. Using the same software brings concrete benefits: we can save time and resources while being able to improve customer service, productivity and forecasting ability.” say Fulvia Zatti and Carlo Moldes, managing director of Bianchi Group and president of Moldtrans, respectively. 

The two companies have been working together for more than 25 years and offer a wide range of services within the supply chain. “Our companies over the years have grown together; in fact, the partnership allows us to be timely in local distribution. Both of our companies are oriented toward the needs of our customers and have chosen to invest in a cutting-edge management solution. It is essential to rely on a Software House that can provide us with the best tools to be more and more competitive in the market,” highlight Moldes and Zatti.  

According to the CEO of Bianchi Group, “The new challenge is digitalization. Our company is preparing to celebrate 100 years of history. We have solid roots in the territory, but at the same time we are projected into the future.” The Moldtrans president also underlines that companies “that do not accept the challenge of innovation will have serious problems in the long-term. That is why our Group is constantly oriented toward new technologies and we have chosen BeOne as an ally to stay one step ahead.” 

Can using the same software as your correspondent bring advantages? “Interaction between the two systems is instantaneous, as different track mappings do not have to be developed. By automating basic procedures, ERP integration eliminates the need for human intervention, improving operational accuracy. The database is updated every time a new event happens or additional data is entered, and the workflow of the partnership’s main processes is thus optimized, from accounting to administration and sales, via supply chain management,” agree Zatti and Moldes. In this way, BeOne users can check at any time where their partners’ activities stand, improving logistics planning, including, for example, setting deadlines and managing the priority levels of each of the activities in the flow.  

“Nowadays, decisions need to be made quickly and with as much information as possible. Thanks to BeOne’s Collaboration Platform, it is possible to interface in real-time with your correspondent and with the end customer through Track&Trace functionality,” adds Moldes, while Zatti points out, “BeOne’s EDI system is an added value in Workflow implementation because it improves the accuracy in the exchange of data and documents. Everything becomes instantaneous as the system is integrated with BeOne’s other modules, starting with electronic archiving, invoicing and operations management with the TMS and WMS.” 

Zatti and Moldes conclude, “For two companies such as Bianchi Group and Moldtrans, ensuring consistency and traceability of data to the end customer is essential to ensure high quality standards of our service. At the same time, we are looking to the future, and innovative tools like BeOne are a prerequisite for interconnecting the entire logistics chain and empowering companies like ours to continue to grow under the banner of collaboration.” 

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