Ivano Avesani replies to the Logistics Management enquiry 

ivano avesani
Inchiesta Logistica Management 2022


“Nova Systems is an Information Technology company. We develop cloud-based software specifically for the world of international forwarding, transport, customs and logistics. Our head office is located in Verona, and we have branches in Milan and Florence-Prato,’ says Nova Systems president Ivano Avesani. ‘In recent years we have experienced consistent growth, which has prompted us to invest in international markets, particularly in Spain, France and Malta. Now the goal is to consolidate ourselves and at the European level, while maintaining solid roots in Italy’. 

What do you think about the current market situation? 

“The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is impacting shipping and logistics operators severely because transporting goods is becoming increasingly complex and expensive. Companies must find new routes, taking advantage of the different types of transport, rail, sea, land and air. However, this implies higher investments. Not to mention the fuel costs, which affect small carriers. After the Covid emergency, from which we were emerging, we are now experiencing a new, very critical phase, which requires the sector to put up a very united front’. 

What is your opinion on the Italian infrastructure? “I believe that the time has come to invest more decisively in the development of Italian ports, to enable the sector to be more competitive on an international level. This is the only way to give further boost to the logistics chain. We cannot̀ ignore this need if we want to ensure a relaunch of our country’s system’. 

What do you expect from the implementation of the Pnrr? 

“The PNRR can be an opportunity for the relaunch and evolution of our country, with a view to the ecological transition, an issue Nova Systems is looking at with great attention: innovation and environmental sustainability have always been two elements that characterize our company vocation. From the implementation of the PNRR I hope that it will give a strong impulse to digitalization in order to improve infrastructures, to make our country more competitive”. 

How much is the geopolitical situation affecting your work? 

“The latest international trends have had no effect on Nova Systems, whereas some of our customers are being directly influenced by them. I am referring to those who work a lot with the markets in Eastern Europe and Russia, who now have to adapt to the new sanction’s restrictions, which are significantly interfering with their business. In addition, a major problem concerns delays in the supply of raw materials. We hope that a cease-fire will soon be reached and that the tensions in the fuel markets and consequently in the logistics and transport sector can also be relieved”. 




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