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Logistica per e-commerce RifLine_Nova-Systems-Calvarese Logistics for e-commerce

Optimized flows with BeOne WMS software 

Logistics for e-commerce is becoming even more crucial. “The industry world is now demanding to track the entire logistics process. Every movement of goods must be coordinated, monitored and reported on. That’s why it’s important to use reliable logistics management software.” Roberto Calvarese is Head of Operational Services at CSI, of RifLine Group, a fast-growing company that has specialized in third-party logistics, so much so that it has become a reference integrated logistics operator thanks to the Pomezia Santa Palomba terminal. “Through CSI, RifLine, which deals with international shipments, has been able to complete its range of services. In fact, our company was born in the field of customs operations, customs warehouse management and VAT tax warehouse. Today we operate in a warehouse of about 20 thousand square meters and we also deal with logistics for e-commercethanks to the partnership with Nova Systems”. CSI has chosen BeOne by Nova Systems for the management of all warehouse activities, from the entry of goods to the storage and order processing. 

“CSI’s purpose is to satisfy customers with an increasingly comprehensive service offering, with maximum transparency. All of this is made possible through WMS software that can make complexity simple,” Calvarese continues. “Operators need to be put in a position to work smoothly, to enable them to minimize the possibility of errors that can happen when performing a task of this type, where speed of execution is an essential condition.” This is where the BeOne solution comes to the rescue, helping to improve processes and workflows. “Between Nova Systems and the customer, in this case CSI, a total partnership has been established, based on mutual business growth. BeOne software is very flexible and allows the management, inside the warehouse, of very different products – says Giuseppe Riccardi, Project Manager of Nova Systems -. CSI collaborators have responded in a very positive way and have contributed to create a virtuous path, which has led to the full use of BeOne functionalities, exploiting to the maximum the potentialities offered by our management software. The first objective reached with CSI was the total elimination of the use of paper, through the introduction of radiofrequency terminals. This way of working has contributed to reducing the processing times of orders, making them much faster, more efficient and “ecological””. 

Calvarese continues: “Over time, the WMS software has been customized based on our operational needs, allowing us to respond to the ever-changing requirements coming from the market, particularly in this delicate phase characterized by Covid. The explosion of sales based on logistics for e-commerce has made the need to ensure speed and accuracy of execution become the primary objective, guaranteeing performance to the depositor but keeping under control and optimizing all activities, under the banner of cost balance. BeOne allows us to do all this”. According to Riccardi, “the success of a project derives from the magical interlocking of each of the activities, in which all the players involved work to optimize the various operations involved in the process. Fundamental becomes the relationship of full and mutual trust that is established with the customer. From Nova Systems there is always the will to create a continuous direct line with the customer, in order to respond promptly to business needs”. 

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