With the BeOne freight management software we shorten lead times and are closer to our customers

Mauricio Valverde Saucedo Maroc Moda


Mauricio Valverde Saucedo Maroc Moda

Mauricio Valverde Saucedo Maroc Moda

A growing company, aiming to expand with new lines and traffic from its two current strongholds Madrid and Barcelona. Maroc Moda, a Spanish company specializing in the logistics and transport sector, recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary and is now looking to the future: Maroc Moda has joined the Nova Systems family by choosing freight management software BeOne for its transport and logistics organization, with a particular focus on customer relations.

We talk about this with Mauricio Valverde Saucedo, Maroc Moda’s transport manager.


What services does Maroc Moda offer its customers?

Our company specializes in national freight transport, mainly between Madrid and Barcelona. Then, within the two cities, we take care of the capillary distribution of goods: around Madrid we also serve cities such as Toledo and Guadalajara, while in Barcelona we cover the entire province.

You take care of the entire logistics chain, what makes your company stand out?

We stand out and are appreciated above all for the speed of delivery, thanks to optimized management of the logistics chain. For example, delivery between Madrid and Barcelona takes less than 24 hours. This is the time limit we set ourselves in order to offer a high level of service, guaranteeing efficiency and respect for deadlines.


Mauricio Valverde Saucedo (Maroc Moda) talks about BeOne: ‘Our company’s aim is to increase the efficiency of freight transport’ 

Maroc Moda has twenty years experience in road freight transport. How did the specialization in textiles and fashion come about?

The name of our company comes from a curious anecdote. In the beginning, the company worked with the clothing sector, especially on routes to Morocco. From this, it took the name Maroc Moda, which it still retains today even though we no longer deal specifically with that sector and service. Our core business has gradually focused on other areas, but we have kept the name because we want to highlight our roots, our history and our experience in the sector.  

Your company is very focused on technological innovation. Why did you choose Nova Systems’ BeOne logistics software to manage all the operational aspects of your business?

Technological innovation allows us to improve the high standards of goods transport and distribution to customers. By optimizing resources, we can be extremely competitive in the market. It is a virtuous situation in which everyone is a winner in their own area. Nova Systems has provided us with maximum support from the outset, starting with the Go-Live phases in Madrid, where the assistance and training of our staff took place.  

Did working with a cloud solution influence your decision to adopt the BeOne transportation management system?

Certainly. Before adopting BeOne for logistics management, we used In House software, which we worked well with, but BeOne freight management software has enabled us to make a quantum leap, first and foremost because of its speed and ease of use. And that’s what we were looking for, given our desire to improve, in turn, the quality of the service we offer our customers. BeOne has enabled us, in particular, to improve communication with our customers, who are always informed in real-time about the situation regarding their goods.  

Maroc Moda freight management software

The BeOne Suite is very wide, with modules ranging from warehousing and transportation management systems to CRM and much more.  What are the main services you use from Nova Systems’ freight management software?

The main BeOne logistics software modules we use are National Land and Pick-up and Delivery Management. We are also planning to launch the Cross Docking functionality in the near future, which will help us to further raise the quality standards our customers are used to, by supporting us in tracking packages. As an internal distributor in Spain, we also have a strong need to communicate effectively with our national partners. In this respect, EDI allows us to transmit, share and exchange information with our customers and partners in an accurate and timely manner, thanks to the quick and intuitive use of BeOne.

What are the advantages you hope to gain from using BeOne logistics software solutions?

The main benefit we want to achieve is to improve our service. We are working on maximizing our efficiency.  

What goals or projects are you looking forward to?

The aim is to continue to grow as a company while improving the level of service to customers through the support of digitalisation. We have started a virtuous path that will bring us closer to our customers’ needs. The integration of the BeOne logistics management system with the EDI system is a first, fundamental step for us in this direction, in order to constantly offer timely information, preferably in real-time. We are also thinking of expanding the fleet to increase internal Spanish traffic, increasing the number of lines, in addition to the essential Madrid-Barcelona line. In this way, we will be able to involve territories such as Valencia and the Basque Country, which we already sometimes cover. Another important project concerns training. We are investing in training young people, bringing them closer to our world of transport and logistics thanks to a collaboration with the Tajamar Logistics Institute, which is a point of reference in this field.

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