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Moldtrans embraces the future with BeOne

The Group has chosen the new software solution in the Cloud from Nova Systems

The Moldtrans group has chosen to adopt BeOne, the logistics software solution in the Cloud from Nova Systems, to optimize the management of its transport and logistics business.  Moldtrans has announced the implementation of the corporate management software application (Enterprise Resources Planning) in all their Spanish and Portuguese branches. “This advanced tool makes it possible to provide a better service to the clients, make the process and services more agile and optimise the flow and analysis of information to support the decision-making process.   What’s more, the new platform will enable other E-business tools to be incorporated in the coming months,” the announcement by Moldtrans stated.

According to the National Telecommunications and Information Companies Monitoring Centre, only 27.5% of businesses in the transport and logistics sector use a corporate software application (ERP). “When implementing a programm of this type, it is important to select a solution that was designed for the requirements of the transport sector, in a way that can meet the specific needs,” the Moldstrans statement continues. “BeOne is the software for logistics in the Cloud that offers a complete management system for companies in this sector. It enables the automation of the management processes of the most common activities of land, air and sea transport companies, import/export firms, LTL groupage, completions, customs etc.  Moreover, BeOne includes many other modules for management control, document management, digital archiving etc., which will enable the Moldtrans Group to manage all its operations with a single, integrated suite of software.”

“The performance offered by BeOne will ensure major benefits”

The BeOne solution operates in the Cloud to offer the utmost security and round-the-clock availability without the user every having to worry about the maintenance of the server and the applications. The new ERP system has been installed in all the branches of the Moldtrans Group in Spain and Portugal.  “The implementation objectives are to achieve full integration in all the company’s business areas, obtain greater agility in the working processes and procedures and to have a clear and effective chain of command that offers a global vision at Group level.  Furthermore, the use of BeOne enables a new system of Client relations (CRM) to be used for the whole company, which replaces various applications that we were using previously.  The performances delivered by the BeOne solution will bring major benefits for the Clients and the company’s employees,” the Chairman of the Moldtrans Group, Carlo Moldes made clear.

“The new ERP places our Clients at the centre of our business and enables us to find out, anticipate and meet their needs with greater efficiency and agility. We can also now access a greater quantity of structured data and conduct analyses in real time to allow us to take more structured decisions concerning the operational and administrative areas. All this lays the foundations for new E-business projects of our Group, which include the implementation in the coming months of an advanced system of shipping traceability and other tools”.

Data: 03-07-2017

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