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Multilogistics chooses BeOne: “It will enable us to save resources for research and development”

The company has decided to adopt the Cloud solution of Nova Systems


“The growth of Multilogistics is connected to the increasingly close link between the forwarding sector and the supply chain, in a context that is no longer the classic supplier and client framework but a partnership, with a direct and immediate relationship.” Massimo Mirizzi, managing director of Multilogistics, leads a company undergoing great development, with branches in Genoa, Turin, Milan, Verona, Bologna and, in Spain, Barcelona and Valencia. “In the coming years, it is our intention to increase the market in the United States and in Asia,” said Mirizzi, according to whom “the transport sector in Italy is undergoing a marked improvement”.          .

How healthy is the sector, in your opinion?  

In Italy, the sector is certainly growing. In recent years, the business has increased, particularly thanks to exports. The future of the air and maritime sector will depend very much on the alliances being planned among the carriers, with the prospect of less competition in the provision of services.  An association among carriers could result from a conference, in order to take the most strategic decisions.

Managing Director, Mirizzi:

“Nova Systems has been a partner for years”

Which is the most inefficient between rail, maritime and road?

It is still too early to pass judgment on the rail sector, and maritime is also a work in progress, so there are no certainties about the future of these two fields. Air transport, on the other hand, has improved, thanks in part to bringing Malpensa Cargo up to European standards.

The Delrio reform brought the combining of certain ports.  Do you think it was a very courageous choice or not?

I regard it as propositional reform that could give a new boost to the transport business. I believe it is necessary to combine the main centres as much as possible in order to be competitive, along the lines of the great ports of Northern Europe.

Is Italy equipped for the break bulk method? 

It is, mainly in the minor ports, where there is greater flexibility. Organisations used to dealing with big numbers struggle over it. Multilogistics can provide solutions for break bulk shipments for all destinations.  We have always specialised in engineering and projects: we examine the shipment and propose the most efficient methods to the client. In this sense, we feel more like a partner than a supplier.

What other services do you offer your clients?

We arrange air, sea and land shipments and advanced supply chains where, in addition to the classic warehouse storage of third-party goods, we offer a value-added service, with the processing of the commodity. Multilogistics is growing strongly and we have built a new warehouse of around 13,000 square metres on the Milan site, suitable both for supply chain activities and forwarding.

From the operational point of view, what was behind the decision not to have an IT consultant inside the company?

To manage the company’s activities, we adopted Nova Systems’ BeOne solution, which enables us to save resources for investing in research, development and customer services, with the aim of increasing the corporate business.  The decision was a sign of our faith in Nova Systems, which has been a partner for years.

What are the functions that will deliver the greatest benefits?

The Customer Relationship Management module allows us to put the sales department in order and handle relations with the clients promptly. The Business Intelligence puts us in the right condition to take strategic decisions, including from the marketing point of view. BeOne is an intuitive system, and therefore propositional, it works with the operators and guides them through the various phases of the daily work.

Data: 29-06-2017


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