Shipments, RifLine chooses the BeOne logistics management system

Rifline sceglie BeOne

RifLine is an international freight and third party logistics leader company headquartered in Fiumicino. It boasts a network of offices and counterparts in 52 countries all over the world. In order to manage its warehouses in Pomezia and Milan, the enterprise has chosen BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite’s WMS, the software solution by Nova Systems. “We will also implement other features of BeOne logistics management system soon, among which those related to the air freight sector” claims RifLine Managing Director, Francesco Isola.

RifLine boasts a widespread network that guarantees the delivery of goods wherever required.  Which are the customized services that you offer for the Air Cargo sector? 

RifLine is a solid and successful organization with a widespread network. We are able to support companies that have the necessity to ship or receive goods and also to satisfy their needs to interact with new countries. As the biggest customer of the greatest airlines, RifLine can provide excellent rates. Moreover, thanks to the assimilated spaces and the flexibility in the choice of carriers, we can ensure the reliability of every single shipment we are entrusted with. In addition, we offer consolidation services from all over the Far East, specifically from China, with customized services from Shangai and Hong Kong to Italy.

For which reasons have you chosen the Cloud provided by Nova Systems to manage your activities? 

The software is provided with the utmost security and it comes supplied with multilingual assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have found in Nova Systems a partner that is constantly committed to research and to the realization of new features. In a market which is always expanding this represents a remarkable competitive advantage for our company.

The partnership between RifLine and Nova Systems is well-established. At the moment you use the STS application software but you are realizing a complete migration to the BeOne solution by Nova Systems. Which are the features you intend to avail yourself with? 

We have already implemented BeOne’s logistics management system WMS for our warehouses in Pomezia and Milan and we have installed the terminal container management. We are planning to avail ourselves with solutions by Nova Systems also for the operational management of quotations, for the air freight and ocean freight sectors, as well as the administrative part and management control.

 RifLine realizes tailor-made services. In which ways can the use of BeOne’s Air Sync module be functional?   

In perspective, Air Sync will become one of the key modules of our daily work since it enables the update of airlines rates in real time. As for a company which handles services, the optimization of time and processes is the foundation of success. The possibility to obtain updated cargo airlines fares with just a click and to synchronize general quotations directly with the client’s database allows us to achieve a substantial advantage. 

Nova Systems has coined the concept “BeOne, nobody knows you as well as your soulmate” to describe its solution. Can employing a management software which addresses freight forwarders and logistical operators’ needs help with the corporate growth?  

We have always been sure that in order to deal with international players RifLine should have had to assume a global reach and dimension. For this reason we have chosen to open offices in our clients’ main target markets. Owning Nova Systems branches abroad, the company will be able to be our partner in this growth process from the very beginning, supporting us in the realization and the implementation of the IT platform in every office of our network. If today we can talk about a story of success even in countries such as Pakistan or Bangladesh, we owe it also to the professionalism of whom was able to work with us while we were writing it.

Rifline and BeOne
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