Scortegagna: “Innovation and human relations. With Nova Systems we win the challenge of digitalization.” 

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“Combining technological innovation and constant dialogue with customers and suppliers will be the most important challenge in the future, with the goal to provide an increasingly successful service.” Manuel Scortegagna, Scortrans Managing Director, Fedespedi Vice President in charge of Land Transport and President Advisory Body Road and Rail Intermodal, leads a company that offers multiple services related to international transportation and logistics. Scortrans chose to optimize the company’s workflow with the solution BeOne Global by Nova Systems. 

What are your strengths?
We have experienced an important growth path, which has led our company to become a leader in the world of international transportation for markets in Northern Europe and beyond, offering multi-weekly departures in cooperation with local branches and partners. Over time we have also become a point of reference for several other European destinations, including Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Ireland, Benelux, Greece, the Balkan countries and Germany. In addition to the European land service, we specialize in sea transport and guarantee an excellent inland logistics and customs service, recognized by ADM. The common thread is the passion with which we do our work, in every supply chain sphere. 

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In the world of transportation, service quality makes all the difference. Is combining technological innovation with human relationship and constant dialogue with the customer the new challenge?
This is an increasingly complex challenge to overcome in the future. Scortrans focuses a lot on service and constant dialogue with customers and suppliers. It is the winning formula for making a difference in the market. Human relations and technological innovation can coexist. In an industry like ours, which is running faster and faster, this combination is difficult to apply, but it is the way to go in order to offer more and more timely and quality service. 

In your 30 years of experience, you have always shown great attention to digital innovations. How did the partnership with Nova Systems develop? 
It dates back to the 1990s, when our company was in a phase of strong growth and needed cutting-edge technological support and, above all, a team made up of people who knew our industry inside out. This is how the important synergy with Nova Systems was born, which helped make both companies grow and still continues today under the name of the best innovations for the world of logistics and transportation. 

How are you able to optimize your workflow with the BeOne Global solution from Nova Systems?
The use of an IT system developed for different needs and services, but integrated into a single solution, allows us to monitor and manage in the best possible way all the activities carried out within our organization, with timely and constant verification and a strategic look at the future of Scortrans.


Manuel Scortegagna – Managing Director of Scortrans

In this regard, the BeOne Global Business Intelligence enables a complete analysis of all activities related to warehousing and freight forwarding.
I consider the BeOne Business Intelligence to be the best product available on the platform. It allows us to have at our disposal dashboards and statistics related to our organization, giving us the chance to always have under control the real situation, to better plan business activities and future investments. 

A new impulse for technological development in the supply chain has come by the introduction of e-CMR. 
I have been personally following the e-CMR project for about three years. The goal is to make digital a document that until now has always been paper-based, while maintaining the same functionality and features. Benefits are many. The efficiency of the supply chain is improved, with streamlined business procedures and a reduction in paper use. In addition, client companies have the chance to obtain the administrative and fiscal document in almost real time. This is an innovative service, which we are finalizing to offer to clients shortly. For business operators, it will provide additional traceability and instant filing of the document itself. 

 What are Scortrans’ future goals? 
We want to continue to improve, to always be one step ahead. In order to reach new goals, it is important to invest in cutting-edge technological infrastructure to provide our customers with increasingly timely and efficient service, while empowering our employees to use innovative tools that can facilitate and improve their daily activities. 


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