OTS: “The logistics solution BeOne brings a competitive advantage”

OTS reaches the historic milestone of 35 years of activity
The Managing Director of OTS Bernardi explains how the logistics solution BeOne has improved the management of business processes

“In the life of a man 35 years often correspond to an age of maturation, to the achievement of their personal and work goals. Here, in the same way, OTS too, for its 35 years, aims to maximize its growth prospects”. Next year OTS will reach a historic milestone and the Managing Director Daniela Bernardi outlines future goals and partnerships, such as that with Nova Systems, which contribute to business development.

What are the services offered by O.T.S.?

Over the years we have evolved, developing more services than those of import and export shipments which have always distinguished us. We aim to be for our customers the only point of reference for their transport needs. Our offer today has adapted to our goal: we offer export, import, cross-trade services to and from any destination, exceptional transport, fair transportation services, customs consultancy, logistics.

O.T.S. has also recently expanded its truck services, supporting the export market of Italian companies.

We have recently expanded our truck services by adding new destinations such as Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan to those that have been consolidated for years: Russia, Switzerland… We have chosen to enhance the land service in order to adapt it to our air and sea offer, choosing those destinations where we witness a development of the markets and in which Italian products are successful. With this additional service we want to confirm our mission: to help the Italian SME to internationalize, following our customers in their exports not only in terms of transport, but offering them a complete and personalized assistance, also in the preparation of documents or in the customs area, if and where necessary.

The look of O.T.S. is constantly also addressed abroad. What does the “Single Window USA” consist of?

We conceived Single Window USA with the aim of integrating all the information and services that Italian companies need to invest and work successfully in the USA. This solution is designed for those customers who are approaching or intend to approach the US market. The US market is very different from the European one and can not be dealt with in the same manner. The difficulties of the American market are known, as well as our desire to offer customers a ‘tailor-made’ service. In the US we have been operating successfully for over 30 years, interacting concretely with the Government and with our brokers, but it is first necessary to start listening to the client and his needs, so as to find the solution which best suits said needs.

In a constantly evolving market O.T.S. has invested in another strategic area, that of innovation. How did you decide to adopt the Cloud?

We aim to be a certainty for our customers and to do this we must minimize the risks and the chances of error within us. Working in Cloud mode offered us new standards of security, availability and reliability, which soon compensated for the mistrust of no longer physically having data in our systems. By adopting the Cloud solutions from Nova Systems we have also greatly reduced the use of printed paper, with consequent economic savings and a renewed ‘green’ awareness. The transition to virtualized systems was so immediately beneficial to us that the choice of the Cloud was then projected on all of the software available in the company, not only in the ERP: for example we have also adopted Cloud solutions in e-mail.

What are the software services and modules of the logistics solution BeOne from Nova Systems that have become essential in business management?

We have adopted TMS, CRM and Business Intelligence 2 years ago now and, after an initial period of software customization, we are happy with the choice we made. I believe that all companies aim to have a unique partner to turn to and trust.

The logistics solution BeOne offers modules completely integrated, including TMS, Customs, CRM, Accounting and Business Intelligence, are fully integrated with each other. Do you believe it is a competitive advantage?

Yes, absolutely, in this way we have had a single interlocutor in setting forth our requests and we have eliminated annoying problems of a lack of synchronicity between the software products of different suppliers.

Date: 21-02-2018

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