Tag: E-Invoicing

Digitalize business processes, make them easier, more innovative and secure, and reduce paper and document storage costs: these are the main advantages of BeOne e-invoicing, the integrated functionality developed by Nova Systems to manage B2B electronic invoicing.
From 1 January 2019, and for some specific sectors already from 1 July 2018, the obligation of electronic invoicing among private economic operators came into force in Italy. In the Cloud Suite of the software solution you can use the Nova Systems service, developed specifically for companies in the international shipping, transport, customs and logistics sectors.

Electronic Invoice is a process that allows both the active and passive cycles of a company’s invoices to be managed and stored directly digitally. Electronic invoicing between individuals can become a great opportunity for Italian businesses. It is an opportunity to digitalize business processes, simplifying them and making them innovative, secure and simple. For example, scan a document and store it in PDF, so that it can be dematerialized and reused in business processes, paying attention to the ecological aspect that this innovation brings with it.

The BeOne e-invoice module digitise the processes of the Transferor (Active Cycle) and the Transferee (Passive Cycle). With the digitisation of the passive cycle, the document is automatically recorded in the accounts and the automatic reconciliation process of the estimated costs calculated for the transferee can be implemented, avoiding the manual processes of the supplier invoice control
By digitising the active cycle, the relative invoice is automatically created and forwarded to the SDI, avoiding printing the document and sending it in paper or electronic form.