Tag: Substitute Archive

The DMS for substitute archive is a strategic integrated features for every business because it becomes a fundamental support for business growth. No more paper packages on the desks (printouts of customer request emails, invoices, transport documents, etc.). All this becomes a distant memory because documents are managed and archived in electronic format

All paper documents can be scanned and linked to the shipment in a quick and easy way: just apply a barcode label on the sheet, scan it and this document is immediately visible on the shipment.

To make your company lean and flexible Nova Systems has developed in BeOne an integrated features that has become essential for all forwarding agents and logistics operators who want to store a large amount of business and administrative documents and need to find the information they need quickly and effectively. We are talking about the Document Management System (DMS), the Substitute Archive system in which the user can manage document storage and substitute storage. A real ally in the organization and simplification of the company because it allows documents to be ordered, stored in a secure place and shared at all times with company members through virtual files. The use of paper can thus be eliminated once and for all.
All this is possible thanks to the power of the Nova Systems Cloud and the security of the software house infrastructure.