Tag: WMS – Warehouse Management System

Versatility and integration are the main features of the BeOne’s WMS Warehouse management system, our software for the advanced warehouse management.

The WMS is the BeOne’s software that guarantees an effective and innovative warehouse management.

Thanks to the BeOne’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), the handling and storage of materials can be controlled in third-party warehousing and it is possible to manage a transit warehouse and the Cross Docking operations.

The BeOne‘s WMS is the in-Cloud solution of Nova Systems that enables the user to manage the logistics flows transiting in/through the warehouse, from accepting the incoming goods to arranging the freight. At any moment, the user can know exactly where the goods are located inside the warehouse by consulting real-time the stock figures and getting updated statistics on stock movements. This is possible by the use of RF Terminals connected to the WMS that provide information to the warehouse operator and track every operation of the logistics flow.

In addition, thanks to the Nova Systems Warehouse management software, the operator can get automatically the customs declarations and the customs deposit load, as well as the unload, while shipping the goods to the bonded warehouse.

This solution has been created in order to improve the productivity and to reduce at the same time both errors and costs, by cutting the order placement timing.

Thanks to the complete integration with the other applications of the BeOne’s Suite, the warehouse can be managed from a commercial, fiscal and accounting point of view.