40 years of Nova Systems with a constant objective: to improve performance thanks to BI


Business Intelligence software one of the secrets to increased performances

The year 2021 will be special for Nova Systems. It’s 40 years since the IT company was founded. The company has always been ahead of its time in technology and today has the power of the Cloud as one of its main strengths. To celebrate the anniversary in the best possible way, Nova Systems has chosen to take a journey through the emotions that have marked the company’s 40 years and that guide the day-to-day activities of logistics operators and shippers.

Why this choice? Nova Systems president Ivano Avesani explains that each feeling “is linked to different areas and tells an important part of our customers’ work. Past, present and future come together, with a common denominator: improving the performance of those who use BeOne”.

Nova Systems, focusing on performance

According to the president of the IT company, “the quality of work performance is reflected in our everyday lives. That is why Nova Systems is constantly striving to provide the best solutions. The objective is to enable our customers to feel satisfied at all times of the day, leading them to do better and achieve new goals. Just like the feeling of a runner who manages to improve his time, training after training”. Avesani continues highlighting that this delicate phase we are living “has pushed companies in the sector to reorganize. Nova Systems immediately prepared its customers to work in smart working mode in a very short time, thus guaranteeing their Business Continuity“.

The president of Nova Systems underlines: “All this has been possible also thanks to the power of the Cloud, a technology that our company launched in 1998, among the first in Italy, and that still allows us to process data remotely. Compared to in-house applications, with the Cloud solution it only takes a few days to be operational. This also frees up human energy and allows the company’s IT department to finally focus on projects that grow the company’s core business.

Improving productivity with BeOne Business Intelligence

Business intelligence dashboard

Business intelligence dashboard

“BeOne software becomes the beating heart within the enterprise. The Cloud platform is organized as a true suite of services, each of which performs specific functions with the aim of increasing productivity,” notes Avesani.”If we talk about performance, Business Intelligence software (BI) becomes a strategic tool,” continues Avesani. “BeOne Analytics is the data collection system that analyses phenomena, the causes of problems and, above all, performance, to assess the performance of the company, its branches and traffic. Through BeOne Analytics, a series of dashboards (company dashboard) are made available to enable the data processing of traffic and shipments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also a key performance driver, enabling companies to plan a strategy that aims to build customer loyalty and gain market share. CRM is a fundamental tool for an expanding and future-oriented company.

Nova Systems has also started the new era of collaborative digitization at BeOne. Thanks to the Collaboration Platform, the client becomes autonomous in finding the information he needs.

NovAcademy, the centre for continuous learning

NovAcademy is the new chapter in the story Nova Systems has written in its relationship with its customers. “A new service that further raises the quality of assistance and support for companies in the sector”. The advanced training school takes place in webinar mode. An initiative that was created with three main objectives: to be close to customers to make operators autonomous and expert in the use of the BeOne solution; to improve the performance of employees in every area of the company thanks to the Business Intelligence software (BI), which allows data processing thanks to the company dashboard; and finally to streamline the daily work of users, going straight to the heart of operations and business processes”, assures the president of Nova Systems, looking at the next targets: “We are a company with 40 years of experience. We have solid roots, but we are projected into the future. All this thanks to the many young collaborators, who every day bring to Nova Systems the taste for discovery and the desire to do research, to be constantly one step ahead. With the same curiosity as always, today as yesterday. This is the spirit with which we will celebrate this important anniversary,” concludes Avesani.

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