A relationship between Nova Systems and the customer focused on business growth

crescita aziendale Customer Success

Nova Systems President Ivano Avesani explains the role of the Customer Success Manager  

Driving business growth for its customers through innovation. This is one of the main goals of Nova Systems, which has introduced a new professional figure, the Customer Success Manager, in order to carry out its intentions in the best possible way. He is a trustworthy interlocutor who helps the company to make the full potential of the BeOne software solution. 

“When a company that deals with international shipping, transport, customs or logistics chooses BeOne, after the go-live, a relationship is established between Nova Systems and the customer,  that focuses on business development,” says the IT company’s president, Ivano Avesani. “What really makes the difference at certain levels is proactivity. In this new management and consulting process, the Nova Systems Account Manager, who follows the company closely and therefore knows its needs, takes on the customer’s point of view and the role of Customer Success Manager. 

“The CSM shares the company’s aspirations and goals. Based on these needs, he is able to put the client in a position to evolve,” continues Avesani. To succeed in this aim, the Customer Success Manager studies a strategy able to guide users to discover the full potential of the Logistics solution BeOne, to make the most of every feature allowing the company to make the leap in quality. The goal is also to save the customer’s time and resources by providing the best solutions to stay one step ahead of the market”. 

Nova Systems’ CSM can also count on NovAcademy’s training programme to provide the company’s employees with the skills they need to fully master the management software. “At Nova Systems, innovation and training go hand in hand in order to provide the best technology and enable BeOne users to have a full knowledge of the tools they use to run their business. This establishes a valuable dialogue that allows both partners to grow and improve,” concludes Avesani. 

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