BeOne Global is increasingly powerful: The software becomes multi-company and multi-transport

BeOne Global forwarding solution

BeOne Global software solution from Nova Systems, IT company member of Levia Group, becomes multi-company and multi-transport to create new synergies between people, places and experiences. With the recent release of the ERP developed for the supply chain world, the software is further enhanced with new functionalities, making companies in the logistics, transport, customs and international shipping sectors increasingly interconnected. Thanks to BeOne Global, operators in the sector can exchange data quickly and securely from all corners of the world and in the name of innovative and sustainable technological services. 

“Nova Systems has introduced new functionalities that aim to break down barriers and boundaries, to enable companies to take the lead in an environment in constant evolution. Change generates opportunities and our goal is to provide companies with the conditions to win the challenge of competitiveness, through our technological innovations,” says Nova Systems President Riccardo Tarocco. 

The first innovation concerns the evolution of BeOne Global into multi-company software. “The solution supports in a single database the information of different Legal Entities belonging to the same corporate group. As a result, the basic archives are unique for all the companies in the Group, and consider the peculiarities of the individual Legal Entities,” explains Tarocco. “A shipment involving several companies in the same corporate group is therefore managed as a unique entity, with a single shipment number and cross-tracking for all companies. In this way, information no longer has to be transmitted via EDI, increasing proactivity and internal efficiency”. 

BeOne Analytics enables the traffic, economic and commercial data to be analysed by different legal entities. A digital breakthrough for freight forwarders, further amplified by the innovation of multi-transportation. The Nova Systems president points out: “By its very nature a shipment can be handled with different types of transport, for example a Road Import can be shipped by Air or by Sea. Using BeOne Global, the shipment can be segmented into different transport types and traffic sectors, with the ability to manage the specific data of each transport type. The benefit is to have a single shipment, unique tracking, and the cost and revenue allocation on the specific shipment.” In particular, continues Tarocco, “in the case of companies located in different countries, the export becomes an import for the one receiving it. For example, an Aereo Export shipment created in the Italian company and directed to the American company becomes Aereo Import, which in turn could be shipped via Domestic or Export”. 

In order to facilitate connections between companies in the sector located in different countries, Nova Systems has introduced multi-language functionality. “BeOne Global can be used in the user’s own language, in English, Spanish, Italian or French, but there is also the option to issue documents in the language of each individual country, in addition to the language chosen for the use of the Suite. A solution, in short, tailor-made for operators in the sector. In this way, through BeOne Global, we aim to support companies in the important challenge of competitiveness on an international level”, concludes Tarocco. 

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