Alejandro Casas of CST Grupo: “Logistics in the middle of a digital revolution. That’s why we relied on Nova Systems.”

Boira y Soriano BeOne

“The logistics sector is in the middle of a digital revolution, and we decided to be ready by choosing a cutting-edge IT and technology partner that can accompany and support the company’s growth.” Alejandro Casas is Managing Director of the Valencia office of CST Grupo, a company specialising in the international transport of industrial goods. To be more and more competitive, the company has adopted Nova Systems’ BeOne solution, particularly the CRM module, which was developed to build customer loyalty by acquiring new market share.  

In what areas does CST Grupo operate? 
Our company has over 30 years of experience in the field of freight transportation throughout Europe. Over time, we have created a solid network of international correspondents, enabling us to meet our clients’ needs in the best possible way. In this way we have managed to become a reference partner in Castellón, with offices in Valencia and Madrid. We take care of complete logistics services, also thanks to our expertise in customs. We are particularly active in FTL and groupage land transport, especially to and from Italy and Germany.  

How has the acquisition of Boira y Soriano implemented your range of services? 
Boira y Soriano is a historical company, with almost 100 years of experience in the industry, which has allowed us to enter, since 2016, in a structured way the maritime shipping market. We have developed special alliances with Turkey, China, Mexico and other states. 

CST Boyra y Soriano

Alejandro Casas, Managing Director of CST Grupo Valencia

In this context, how important is the technology service provider? How is Nova Systems facilitating business growth? 
Logistics and transportation until recently was not a particularly digitally and innovation-oriented sector. The use of new technologies was accelerated as a result of the Covid emergency. We tried to experience it as an opportunity to make our company more competitive in the market. This is where Nova Systems came in. We had long been looking for a high-performance ERP in the business area.  

You have therefore chosen BeOne’s CRM. 
We found it very useful right away and it has proven to be essential for a company like ours that is expanding and looking toward the future. The management software supports us in quoting rates for customers, making spot offers in an organized way, and employees are able to find all the information shared with colleagues, in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to BeOne we obtain customer information, statistical data that helps us optimize business management, by collecting it from a variety of communication channels, which can range from phone contacts, online chat, websites, e-mail, and social channels. All this information is concentrated in a unique database thus automating marketing and sales activities, and customer care services. 

BeOne is an integrated software with all the services a freight forwarder or logistics operator needs. Are you planning to use other BeOne features now or in the future?
This is something we are looking into within the Corporate Group. To date, in fact, companies use different software, and this can sometimes hinder the flow of information smoothly. This is precisely why choosing a fully integrated solution with everything a shipper and logistics operator needs can be strategic.  

What are the future targets of CST Grupo?
We have an ambitious goal, which is to open new offices in other areas of Spain, to provide an increasingly focused and punctual service to our customers. We intend to grow in all areas of international forwarding, particularly in the land and maritime areas, to ensure more and more routes in the transportation of goods. 

camión Boira y Soriano CST grupo


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