Container Management, Nova Systems announces the development of the new feature

container-management-software-gestione nova systems beone

Nova Systems is getting ready to take another leap forward with Container Management. BeOne will soon become an even more complete management software, on all fronts, in the field of international shipping and logistics. In fact, the IT company announces its intention to develop the new Container Management function, which will flank the Shipping Agency module, already integrated in BeOne
Thanks to the implementation that will be made by the Nova Systems Research and Development Center, it will be possible to monitor the movements of containers in arrival, departure and transhipment in the port of control.   

Moreover, through the incoming ship’s manifests, it will be possible to register each container by serial number, in order to manage the operations following the disembarkation or transhipment, including the movements of disembarkation and entry to the terminal, delivery and return to the terminal of empties.

At the same time it will be possible to monitor the loading movements of containers in export, with relative delivery to the terminal for subsequent loading. For all movements it will be possible to define the days of exemption (free of charge) and any charges for Detention and Demurrage of containers.

Each procedure is supported by BeOne’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system. Container Management, a feature that is also in great demand in the Maltese market, will allow to connect telematically to the shipping companies and the Malta Freeport, completely automating the entire process. 

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