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The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) is innovating, and Nova Systems is taking the opportunity to develop a new system dedicated to customs operators in the BeOne solution. The IT company has thus completed the transition from STS to BeOne for the part related to the management of import declarations. 

ADM was among the first in Europe to adopt the new Community Customs Code, so BeOne will be adoptable in all European states that will align themselves with respect to the new legislation, which involves changing the messages that are sent telematically to customs. Meanwhile, with the June 9 deadline, the gradual migration process of all import transactions moving from handling in the old customs track to the new telematics system has begun. Nova Systems has been moving right along, once again ahead of schedule. 

Here are the affected messages: 

  • H1 Declaration of release for free circulation and special regime – specific use – final use declaration 
  • H2 Customs warehousing declaration 
  • H3 Statement of temporary admission 
  • H4 Inward processing declaration 
  • H5 Declaration of introduction of goods within the framework of trade with special tax territories H6 Customs declarations in postal traffic for release into free circulation 
  • H7 Customs declarations for the release for free circulation of consignments exempt from import duty under Article 23(1) or Article 25(1) of Regulation (EC) No. 1186/2009 
  • I1 Simplified declaration 
  • I2 Notification of customs presentation of goods in case of entry in the declarant’s records or within the framework of customs declarations submitted prior to the presentation of goods for import. 

“We started with the development of the various messages implemented in BeOne, following the Community Customs Code and the EUCDM model and incorporating all the indications. This allowed us to immediately manage all types of messages for importation and also the Temporary Custody G4 message, which concerns the introduction of goods in temporary custody warehouses,” explains Nova Systems Customs product manager Francesco Tomassini. Concurrently with the development of the new module, we focused on improving the interface of the system to make it even more user friendly. Now the user can take full advantage of any integration of the customs module with other BeOne features.” 

The new technology developed at BeOne involves a fully automated system for the user to send the bill into the new customs telematics system and sign it at the same time through a remote digital signature service. “The new customs bill was analyzed as part of a broader workflow involving all of BeOne’s other operational and accounting modules, particularly those related to shipping, third-party warehousing and accounting, with automatic invoice issuance and control of actual customs duty collection, as well as automatic accounting for customs deferred,” Tomassini continues. “The new system also provides for the management of 999 individuals per customs bill. The BeOne Customs module is ready to perform both total and partial submissions of the customs transaction, as well as telematic rectification and cancellation of the declaration.” 

The process will go on for the entire month of June, over the course of the four steps predetermined by the Customs Agency. “Already as of today, we are ready to accept with BeOne all the various transactions in the various customs procedures. Customs of the future will also plan to integrate export and transit operations into the new EUCDM model during 2023. 

Having structured the BeOne module online and in full compatibility with the new EUCDM model, we already have the database set up for this type of message. We will thus be ready to integrate future export and transit-related innovations immediately,” Tomassini concludes. 

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