Important achievement for BeOne Volley: girls’s team promoted to B2

beone volley pallavolo san martino

The long-cherished goal has been achieved. Thanks to the success against the Treviso-based team Ezzelina Volley, BeOne PLANET Volley, the first team of Pallavolo San Martino, says goodbye to the C series and lands in the national B2 series championship. After a year always in the lead, the 3-0 win of the last Play Off match was decisive to affirm the supremacy of the San Martino team, whose Nova Systems is the main sponsor through the BeOne software solution. 

beone volley pallavolo san martino

This win comes after a complicated period, years in which, says Giorgio Aldegheri, president of Pallavolo San Martino, “there were some important losses on a human level, which reached their climax with Covid’s emergency. The support and cooperation of a first-rate managerial and technical staff, the result of the collaboration with Libertas Montorio, allowed us to overcome this moment with an impact force that led to this memorable promotion”.
It’s thanks to the hard and continuous work done in the gym, under the coach’s mentorship, the athletic trainers, and all the staff supporting the team. “The players have, since the beginning of the year, taken the challenge seriously and have been competitive, showing that they know how to grow training after training and improve with every match,” Aldegheri continues, while Stefano Fontana, the team’s head coach, emphasises: “The league table speaks for itself: just one defeat in the entire championship is a clear sign of perseverance, ambition and cohesion, not only among the staff, but also among the players who share the same enthusiasm and concerns on a daily basis.  

Above all, what worked was the cohesion between the older and younger athletes who, by joining forces, turned the camp into a place where they could always learn something new, both technically and humanly. “It was a perfect and unforgettable season. Volleyball knows how to give intense emotions, on and off the court. The final whistle, which marked the promotion to Serie B, will remain an indelible memory that no one will ever be able to erase,” adds Fontana. 

beone volley pallavolo san martino

For Pallavolo San Martino, this promotion is part of a greater project, which the club has been carrying out in the area for years with expert and passion-driven coaches, to make the junior sports sector increasingly competitive. “This is what has pushed Nova Systems to support this sports club’s project for some time now. Our company has always focused on young people, and we fully recognise the efforts made by San Martino volleyball, which have been rewarded with this important and beautiful achievement,” says Nova Systems founder Ivano Avesani. 

A crucial step in this growth path was the collaboration with Libertas Montorio, which gave birth to the PLANET Volley Consortium. An action that made it possible to expand in terms of membership base as well as to aim for more ambitious goals. For sports director Irene Morandini, the credit behind the victory lies in the strength keeping the team close together on and off the court. “I don’t deny that my first thought is to keep a close, passionate staff, full of love for this sport.  With us the first rule is to always try to make a difference: it is the people who believe in this project, which started from nothing and is growing day by day.” 

Upon reaching such an important milestone, some thanks were not slow in coming from the club’s management.  “It is therefore a must,” Morandini continues, “to thank all those who are involved in this planet: presidents, management, coaches and collaborators, parents and especially the athletes, who have chosen us and choose us every year, and these results are also and above all thanks to them.” In conclusion, “thanks to all our sponsors, in particular thanks to BeOne, the software solution from Nova Systems, a leading international IT company based in San Martino Buon Albergo,” ends Aldegheri, who adds proudly: “Now, finally, we are an important part of Veronese volleyball, and this will motivate us to do the best we can”. 

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