The bond between Nova Systems and Save the Children grows every year

Save The Children - Nova Systems

Once again, Nova Systems has chosen to celebrate Christmas by helping Save the Children, the non-governmental organization who has been fighting to help the lives of children and to ensure their future since 1919.

With the funds usually destined to the traditional Christmas presents the company has adopted two more children, bringing the number of those who are part of the Nova Systems family to six.  Furthermore, the company last year bought almost 500 doses of antibiotics to treat kids affected by pneumonia in Africa.

In addition, Nova Systems has adhered to the project “A book for Africa”, promoted by the association Asanti Sana Onlus of Padua in collaboration with the ITT Ferrari-Fermi, contributing to financing the construction of a new classroom in the “Mother Ippolita” institute in Kirathani, Kenya.

Thanks to Save the Children we can donate a smile through food, protection and education.

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