Security, the assumption for company growth

Nova Systems security

The security of being in good hands is the premise for a serene and stable future development of any company. This is even more important for a company that chooses a new software platform. A safe change opens the door to new opportunities and benefits. For 40 years, Nova Systems has been supporting business growth in the world of logistics, transport, customs and international shipping. The migration from an old management system to a new solution can therefore be lived with peace of mind. Know-how and technological innovation come together in the BeOne logistic management system, giving customers a feeling of security. “When an operator using BeOne logistic solution leaves the office, he knows that there is a world going on that accomplishes everything he has planned. It’s a sense of protection, which removes tensions and restores confidence in the future. This is what Nova Systems has stood for all these years, thanks to its cutting-edge approach, constantly at the customer’s side,” says Nova Systems Product Manager Maurizio Sartori.

“Our company was the first software house in the shipping industry in Europe to adopt cloud services, gaining experience in this field since 1998, with a total level of service continuity, maximum security and data confidentiality, as well as procedures. These are the features that provide peace of mind for our customers, especially new customers who decide to start with us on a new path towards the future and the business growth,” assures Sartori.

Sartori : “Logistics management software, migration and Go-Live can be experienced in security with Nova Systems”


For each of its new customers, Nova Systems studies a path that gradually guides the company, step by step, towards the full and effective use of the BeOne logistics management software. A business approach project that puts both the management and the employees at ease, who will find in the management of Nova Systems a new ally in the daily work. ” We are aware of how complex and challenging the digitalisation of businesses is. This is why we consider ourselves to be full partners to our customers and not just suppliers of services and products, right from the first contacts,” explains Mr. Sartori.

The main objective of the first meeting is to understand the company’s aspirations and needs. This is done through a simple interview about the company’s business and main expectations, which are surveyed and analysed by the Account Managers of Nova Systems, in order to propose the appropriate solutions in the next phase. “During the first meeting, Nova Systems shares with the potential customer its history and values, the track on which Nova Systems continues to travel day after day. Then our company presents its offering and its application addresses. At this stage, the customer is willing to share the information necessary for proper preparation of the presentation session: it is here that a first, fundamental, relationship of trust is established, which will be the basis for future successes,” assures the Product Manager of Nova Systems.


Based on the information provided by the potential customer, Nova Systems prepares the demonstration environment in the chosen language (Italian, English, French or Spanish). The demonstration meeting takes place remotely, from whatever country or location the customer may be in. Alternatively, the presentation can be held at the customer’s headquarters or at Nova Systems’ offices (Verona, Milan, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and Malta). “At this point, the Nova Systems Account Managers present a general workflow within the context previously identified with the potential client, through the use of the modules of the BeOne logistics management software. It is at this stage that any implementations and customisations necessary for the correct functionality of the product in the country of reference are identified,” adds Sartori. “After the potential customer decides to work with Nova Systems, we draw up a project plan and a quote for the value of the start-up activities and the monthly fee for the value of the cloud solution. All this is made possible thanks to BeOne logistics management software, scalable software that is independent of the size of the company, which is delivered on a pay-per-use basis, i.e. in relation to its actual use”.


“Once the partnership has been signed, the next step is the Kick-off meeting, the project start-up meeting that aims to identify the objectives and the steps leading to go-live – says Sartori-. At this point, the customer’s cloud environment is created, with the customisation and parameterization of operational flows. This is the crucial phase that leads to training”.

Pre-go-live training is prepared to work with BeOne on the workflows identified with the key users. The operators then start to use the solution in the test environment, where they carry out all the tests and put the acquired knowledge into practice.

“The length of the training is fixed in relation to the number of users. The customer has the choice of individual or group sessions. Nova Systems provides the NovAcademy training school and recommends the most suitable method in relation to the needs of the company, which will be able to adopt the best solution,” continues the Nova Systems Product Manager. “The aim at the end of the training phase is to get as close as possible to the go-live moment, to get off to the best possible start. The so-called production environment is created, replacing the test environment and migrating all data from the customer’s previous system to BeOne”.

Then comes the day of the go-live, during which Nova Systems’ account managers are present at the customer’s offices and branches to support the operators in this crucial phase, guaranteeing immediate assistance for any type of need.

At the same time, a dedicated team at Nova Systems’ headquarters is working to follow the success of the go-live step by step, supporting the account managers in their work.


The migration to the new software is the prelude to success. After the go-live, a relationship between Nova Systems and the customer begins that is all about business growth. “Nova Systems has never been satisfied or rested on its laurels. It is always projected to offer its customers the most innovative solutions available on the market, to always be one step ahead and thus cultivate a profitable relationship with the companies that choose BeOne,- comments Sartori-. Today we are focused on introducing the principles of the last frontier of business, which is Customer Success. A sort of big lens that we aim at our customers to bring out the best of their potential through our services”.

Nova Systems is engaged on several fronts in this context. “Each customer is assigned a Project Manager and an Account Manager for each of the company’s activities. This establishes a direct and constant threat, which leads to a profitable relationship of trust. The dedicated Nova Systems team is available for any consultancy, training or business process analysis needs. The Nova Systems Research and Development department is in continuous contact with the Project Managers assigned to the customers, through the launch of new releases and patches to develop and coordinate any requests for implementation and customisation of the software”.

Business growth also involves promotion. Nova Systems has established a marketing and communications division, MkT Communication, to help grow the voice of its customers in its market. Having an agency that speaks the same language as your company is an important advantage over competitors. Often companies in the industry don’t have time to pursue this area of strategy because they are focused on their own business.  MkT Communication can manage all marketing services for companies, from the identification of the most suitable strategy to tools such as Web Design, Seo & Adv, Social Media, e-Mail Marketing, Press Office, Content Creation, Graphic Design and much more. “Never as today – concludes Sartori – transport, international shipping, customs and logistics are in continuous evolution. Nova Systems is at the customer’s side to meet the challenges of the market and play a leading role together”.

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